Hutchinson CRF Runflat Advantages

  • Custom engineered to match wheel drop center profile, resulting in maximum support and fitment.

  • Easy installation with standard tire mounting tools.

  • Excellent impact and ballistic resistance.

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Hutchinson CRF

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The Hutchinson Composite runflat, also known as the Hutchinson CRF - is a lightwieght reinforced polymer device designed to provide flat tire mobility when used with pneumatic tires.

The CRF runflat is comprised of two or three sections that, secured around the wheel, provide a strong bearing assembly. A special composite material formulation results in reduced friction and heat buildup inside a flat tire. The material is resistant to both ballistic attack and severe road hazards

The CRF is easily mounted inside a standard tubeless tire on a traditional "drop center style" wheel using normal tire mounting tools. Each CRF is cutom built to meet the specific load rating criteria and distance requirements of the application.

Hutchinson CRF runflats are specified on numerous government and security vehicles where flat tire mobility is critical.

Proven Performance

  • CRF runflat devices are designed to US Army and NATO/FINABEL speed and distance standards of 50km/h (30 miles @ 30mph).

  • Each CRF runflat is custom designed to fit the specific drop center profile of the wheel, maximizing the support of the runflat and assuring proper fitment.

  • CRF runflats are designed to reduce both tire and wheel damage by supporting the wheel off the tire, resulting in tire preservation.

  • Application of special lubricant between tire and runflat reduces heat buildup and friction, proloned tire life and maximizing runflat performance.

  • CRF runflats are custom built to match the specific mission profile requirements.
CRF runflats are available to fit virtulally all wheel and tire combinations. Both Standard and Low Profile sizes are available.
  • Sedans/SUVs: 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20"
  • Trucks: 17.5", 19.5", 22.5", 24.5"

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