Markets Served

  • Armored and Security Vehicles
  • US Government Fleets
  • SWAT & Riot Control
  • First Response and Emergency Services
  • Public Transportation
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Self Sealing and Explosion Proof Fuel Tank Technology
Certain vehicle applications can be subjected to the dangers of leakage and explosions caused by gunfire, terrorist attack and various security threats. In order to increase the survivability, greater protection of the fuel system is required.

The SafeTank by Rodgard, provides needed protection against fuel tank leakage and explosions. Vehicles equipped with the SafeTank technology have a greater chance of survival.


  • Self Sealing Capability
  • Flame Retardancy
  • Explosion Suppression
  • Tank reinforcement

Fuel Tank Protection is available in three different offerings:
  • Explosion Resistance
  • Self Sealing
  • Explosion Resistance and Self Sealing

Proven Technology for all Applications
Rodgard can convert existing OEM tanks, custom tanks, or provide our own turnkey tank solution for various protection levels and markets

  • Security and Armored vehicles
    • US Government
    • Armoring and Vehicle Converters
    • Private Security Companies
  • Military
    • US Armed Forces
    • Defense Contractors
  • Naval, Aircraft, Tankers, Civilian application
Self Sealing
Full Protection against small arms fire

Specially formulated polymeric foam
  • Seals multi-shot entry and exit wounds
  • 95-100% retention of fuel
Layers of Fabric
  • Reduces Fragmentation and velocity of bullet
  • Controls damage caused by bullet
Outer Flame Retardant Layer
  • Resists Heat Damage
  • Resists chemicals and fuel
Explosion Mitigation
Tanks are filled with flexible open cell foam
  • Proven use in explosion suppression for aircraft, military, and racing fuel cells
  • Regulates fuel flow
Consumes capacity of the tank minimizing:
  • Ignition by gunfire, electrical and explosives
  • Slosh Attenuation (Baffling)
  • Vapor Explosion
Adaptable to both Metal and HDPE tanks, Flexible Bladders
  • Alternative filler materials available
Performance, Design and Quality
- The only true self sealing technology
  • Easily configured to any tank shape, size, and mounting configuration.
  • Verify fitment in custom applications
  • Very quick lead-times
  • Quality and workmanship to ISO 9001-2000 standards
  • Orders sizes from one to hundreds.

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